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SB Andullo

A unique cigar on the market, a delight for the palate.

Cigar Profile

Talking about what I like has always been easy and more so when it comes to a product as fascinating as tobacco, this time I will talk about a tobacco that is processed with a technique that dates back hundreds of years, in which I have been involved since childhood. The Andullo is made with yaguas from the penca of a royal palm tree and is pressed in an artisanal way by a lathe and two intertwined ropes, this process is repeated three times for 90 days and is aged for several years until it is used.

This cigar comes in a 57x 4.5 vitola, having a high ratrohale strength and very pleasant in the palate, with a deep flavor of aged tobacco that predominates throughout the smoke. To achieve this special blend it was necessary to make hundreds of samples in different sizes.

Tobacco: San Vicente, Piloto S.V.M, Andullo

Binder: Olor Dominicano

Wrapper: Habano_2000, Ecuador

Measures: 57×4 Cm (Short Robusto)

Weight: 12.5 a 13.2 grams

“Perfect to start my days with a cigar from SB”

Willie brown


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