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Swiss chocolate

Cigar Profile

One fine spring morning upon arriving at our cigar factory, our Master Blender Victor Infantes speaks to me right away, and tells me that few days ago he dreamt of me; and when he arrived at the factory the next day he made this special blend inspired by that dream. ¨Oh Mr. Victor, what an honor, thank you very much¨ I told him. I immediately began to smoke the cigar and after about 30 minutes I told him: ¨Don Victor, but is this a cigar? What you have made is a Swiss chocolate wrapped in tobacco leaves and it is a wonderful cigar¨. He let out a great laugh among those present and the name of that vitola was born (Swiss chocolate, CSZ).

This cigar comes in an elegant 56×6 vitola, with a flavor profile of cocoa, coffee, nuts, and leather; a fine ash and dense white smoke predominate, leaving que palate satisfied with a pleasant after taste.

Tobacco: Semilla 2020, San Vincente, Negrito, SVM

Binder: Olor Dominicano

Wrapper: Habano_2000, Ecuador

Measures: 56×6 Cm (Toro)

Weight: 11.50 a 12.50 grams

“A lost treasure in the Dominican Republic, great brand”

sean fisher


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