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Unique cigars for your palate

For generations we have created cigars with the highest quality, seeking to differentiate ourselves from others and deliver a unique experience.

Available Worldwide

You can find and enjoy our cigars at any location. Available in stores worldwide we’ll find our way to you.

Quality Products

Our cigars have lived through 4 generations of care, preparation and consistency. These are the key elements to the great quality and taste of our products.

Memorable Experience

Cigars are to be enjoyed deeply and make every puff an unforgettable experience, this is what we offer in every smoke.

SB Andullo

Talking about what I like has always been easy and more so when it comes to a product as fascinating as tobacco, this time I will talk about a tobacco that is processed with a technique that dates back hundreds of years…

4 Caminos Madrid

4 Caminos Madrid (The four roads) was made to honor our Dominican diaspora in the old continent and very particularly in Spain, where at the end of the 1980’s, they settled in this popular neighborhood of Madrid.

SB Aniversario

This cigar was released for our first Anniversary in 2018 even though we had the blend for several years.


One fine spring morning upon arriving at our cigar factory, our Master Blender Victor Infantes speaks to me right away, and tells me that few days ago he dreamt of me; and when he arrived at the factory the next day he made this special blend inspired by that dream.

“Underrated brand with unique cigars on the market”

Janet Morris

“Perfect to start my days with a cigar from SB”

Willie Brown

“A lost treasure in the Dominican Republic, great brand”

Sean Fisher

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